Friday, 3 June 2011

Free Wifi at Canadian airports

At the moment, I am waiting for my connection at the Calgary airport.
While I am waiting, I a connected to the free Wifi network in the airport, and checking my email, facebook updates, and blogging.

This is in stark contrast to the condition in Heathrow airport, where I had to run pillar-to-post, to find out how to pay for the Wifi access. And in the end, gave up because my credit card wasn't accepted.

First of all do you need free wifi?
Not everyone travels around often. And for the limited usage, no one will spend a bomb. And for those frequent travellers, there is always wifi available in the business lounges.

The airlines and the airport collect money from you, and I am sure, a small port goes to the airport. After having let you into the airport, it is alright to give you wifi access.

The only thing to be worried about is security, and there are quite a few ways to cover that. I have used my facebook account to authenticate my credentials in the airport, and it has worked well.And with cameras all around, tracking down somebody who is abusing the network should not be an issue at all.

With free wifi, I have been able to keep in touch while I travel.


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