Friday, 26 August 2011

Is the parliament or the government forced to act under duress?

There has been a lot of criticism about #AnnaHazare trying to change the course of the Government or the Parliament entering into his 12th day of fast. The Parliament is going to debate this point in about an hour.
I thought I will record my view here.

If Anna starts his fast on the 16th of August, the fast will enter its 12th day on the 27th August. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that. A 3rd standard student can also answer that question.

The question is, what has the Government or the Parliament or the political parties, both the ruling and opposition parties done. Have they done enough groundwork.

It was a long-known fact that Sri #AnnaHazare was going to start a fast and an agitation on the August 16th. He was going to bring out a problem, a larger concern shared by a large majority in this country.

What did the Government do?
First, they tried to tarnish his image. And, then his team, and his supporters. They also tried to question the source of funds.
They even went to the extent of bringing in a conspiracy theory involving the United States of America.
They tried to arrest him on the first day to derail the movement.

#RajdeepSardesai: You were asking this question to Aruna Roy this morning.
You also run an organization, a news channel. How much do you plan for daily broadcasts? Oh, If this first story, doesn't work, let us take this second story, and even if that doesn't work, let us go with this backup option.

How much has3 this Government run by this eminent leaders planned? Did they plan for their option #1, option #2 and option #3 and so on. Are these leaders bankrupt of thought? And imagine these people are running a country, not a small company. God save India!

It took 11 days for the Hon'ble Prime Minister to come out and say, "Yes, Annaji, you have made a point! We have recorded your point.". After 11 days. Who the hell cares. After 11 days, the action is long overdue.

Let me tell you what is lacking here:
It is not sufficient to just solve the today's crisis. Corruption has been plaguing this country for decades. It took 40 years in this inefficient parliamentary system to bring the Lokpal bill, and we are still debating about it.

And still when, AnnaHazare asks for resolution on three sticking points, the thoughtfully bankrupt leaders interpret is as a Parliamentary resolution. Go to the common man, and ask him what a resolution means.
They bring on a resolution, and say there is no vote.

It requires a whole-hearted initiative from the Government, from the Parliament to act on corruption. Not Lokpal. I repeat. Corruption, not Lokpal.

Otherwise, we'll do an eyewash debate today, and three months later, there will be another movement, another fast. And India will rise again!
Above the political parties, Above this government, Above the parliament!