Monday, 23 May 2011

Qik: Instant Video Sharing

I was trying to find a webcam replacement for use with skype or google video chat. The reason being: Ananya was turning crankier, having not seen me for the last couple of days. Of course, she'll get through it, but a video chat would have been of some help.
My computer doesn't have a webcam, and I forgot to bring my webcam. Dont want to buy one only for the sake of next two weeks, or next two days (incase I am able to borrow one from office tomorrow).

I had two cameras, my Nikon s8000, and the in-built on the Spice Android handset. Technically speaking, you should be able to feed the camera on to the computer, but how to get it to skype or another app.

After searching for a while, gave up the option of feeding the content directly from the camera. Another alternative I came across is Qik: Qik allows you to record video from any camera, and share it with others in a matter of minutes.

Signed up on their website, installed the app on the phone, and recorded it through the phone camera, and voila, it worked first time. 

I could see my video recording on my site live, and also as a recording. The whole process took less than five minutes. Great job, Qik team.

For now, Ananya will watch the live cam feed or the recordings.

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