Monday, 31 October 2011

7 billionth baby and others...

It was an usual day yesterday, with the television channels screaming about a baby born in UP claiming to be the seven billionth baby in the world. While the TV channels are perfecting the art of hyping up inconsequential events, my mind was pondering over whether this is an event worth celebrating.

Seriously, this is Yeddyurappa celebrating to the 1first millionth prisoner in Parappana Agrahara. Everybody else is happy, except him of course.

This brings to my memory a few other inconsequential events people were celebrating.
Youngest one to have a Facebook account ....
Youngest to have a PAN card:
A few years ago, the government streamlined the issuing of PAN cards, which resulted in people getting PAN cards. There was a claim of a three year old baby having a PAN card.

Seriously, dont people have any other work to do. If you have had a baby, better spend the time with the baby. And, if you have got somebody else to do the errands, the record is not yours.

And now, to to the trillion dollar question.
As I lookup, it was in 1999 that we welcomed the 6 billionth person in the world. In 12 years, we have managed to raise the population by a whole billion. How are we going feed, house and clothe all these people.

The long-term solution is to invest in the contraceptive business. I can see the production of contraceptive double, treble and quadruple in the next few years.

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