Friday, 22 April 2011

Stepping into the Blogosphere

After having waited for almost five years, I have decided to start a blog, today, now.
So, why today, why now?

The spark that got me started is a comment from a fellow blogger that Indians, in general, are consumers of information, than producers of information. Let me take a moment to explain that. Although we search through websites for information,  reviews, comments, etc., we refrain from posting any content on the web. Oh yeah, excluding those pictures from flickr, etc. I am taking about information that other people can source, use and benefit.

So, here I am, announcing my birth in the blogosphere. From this moment on, I have decided to become a producer on the internet. However small it may be, I am going to generate useful content on the web.

What does Thryambaka mean?

Often, we are biased in our speech and comments. My idea is to step back, leave out and bring in a balanced opinion. And that is why, you need something more than two eyes. Enter the third eye, or THRYAMBAKA, (OMG that tests my spelling skills ...).

Thryambaka is also the name of Lord Shiva, the principal deity in Hinduism.

So here I am, announcing my post, surely the beginning of a whole lot to come...

Stay Tuned,

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